About Us

Here at Fits2TheTee, we as women prioritize health and fitness in our lives. We know that we all face challenges in our lives and what a difference exercise can make not only in physical appearance but in overall health and mental well-being.  A google search for the word challenge yields the following definition: a task or situation that tests someone's abilities.  That is how we view the challenge or adversity that each one of us faces: a situation that tests our ability to lead a healthier life.

We believe exercise is a key factor to a better you. Hard work, dedication, and attitude are three core beliefs behind our workout attire that is designed by women for women.  We want to inspire women to continually strive to improve themselves. We believe that exercise is an important part of every woman’s life no matter what form of exercise you choose. Exercise helps improve mind, body and spirit.

 As a young child diagnosed with scoliosis, Kathy (one of our founders) discovered how important exercise was in her life. By staying active, she was able to remain fit and develop a high self esteem despite wearing a very obvious back brace. Kathy has continued her journey on the road to remaining physically fit as she has gotten older. You can read more about Kathy’s story in her blogs “My Story: Where it All Began” and “The Rest of the Story”.

We realize that every woman is different. Not every woman wants to run to stay fit. Not every woman wants to lift weights at the gym. Each woman chooses her own form of exercise. For instance, Kathy prefers stretching, elliptical, and light weight training whereas her mother-in-law prefers a more structured routine in the form of line dancing, yoga, and Zumba. Kathy has friends with diverse interests in exercise which include bicycling, pilates reformer, and playing basketball. Whatever form of exercise you choose, we support and encourage you to continue working to become a better you.

So, get out there and start moving! 

 Kathy Alexander, Founder